Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finding the source material


DreadedCandiru2 said...

Nice Cathy reference; it's gotta be difficult living with a walking, talking cartoon character so I hope that they thwart her fast.

Muzition said...

This strip is great on so many levels!

Hehehe, you even didn't draw a speech balloon in the first panel, just the way it was in the original strip!

Cedar said...

You know, for all the bitching Cathy does about food and eating, I don't think we've ever actually seen her eat with the abandon you've portrayed her with. And even if she did, she certainly wouldn't enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, Cathy used to eat with the gusto and abandoned pictured -many- times, back in the early 80s.

Whether or not she enjoyed it usually depended on who was around her. Some character made her -want- to overindulge, others made her feel guilty.

Strange that I remember this, so many years later.

My big problem with the current FOOB arc is the simple fact that putting -any- kind of bread-y or cake-y type food in the fridge without protection means stale, icky food. So of course, all Lynn drew was a plate. Yeah, THAT'LL keep the cold air from stealing all the moisture!

Then again, Elly probably loves dessicated donut corpses.

April Patterson said...

Thanks, dc2 and Muzition. :)

Cedar and Anonymous, it's been a long time since I've followed "Cathy" regularly. I probably was channeling the Cathy of the early 1980s. FWIW, I was going for a not-happy look in the last panel, but may have missed the mark! (I also imagined Cathy mimicking Cookie Monster in the first panel.) :)

Sarah said...

Mmm, desiccated donut corpses... you make it sound so appealing! ;)

Anonymous said...

Trust me, Cathy still east ravenously on occasion. Mrs. Guisewite has yet to show Cathy puking up a storm in the toilet, but be assured it's happening.

So another interesting development...the character has gone back into the past and sent her children (and certain adults) along, but has forgotten that her mind has aged. Would explain a lot.

Would also seem to hint at an intriguing punishment: Severe Alzhiemer's at an early age. I can see it now: Yes, we made it back but she had to live through the eighties, nineties and oughts TWICE. She aged twice as fast, and her brain no longer works (as if it did before the planned wedding...)