Friday, May 22, 2009

Repurposing, just like the pros do!

Inspired by Lynn's re-rerunning a reprint yesterday (originally refoobed July 1, 2008, during the failed "hybrid" experiment), I am recycling the art from a FOOBAR I posted this past November. Only, unlike Lynn, I've given my reFOOBAR new text. Postmodern!

Wow, I'm so blessed to be able to learn from the professional cartoonists! Thanks, Lynn, this is going to save me sooooooooo much time! Maybe I'll schedule some vacations in Mexico France.

Edit: As dlauthor pointed out in the comments, I mistakenly had Lizzie refer to "Dot" instead of "Trixie" as the sunbeam-obsessed baby in "Hi and Lois." I've fixed the error in the strip. Just like Lynn with "Crows" vs. "Cranes" in the "wedding" arc last August! Only the Cranes were her own characters, so I don't feel quite so bad....