Monday, September 21, 2009

A lead-in for tomorrow

Since I already prematurely snarked on the "That was when I still enjoyed working" strip this past Friday, I decided to create a lead-in for the strip I expect to see reprinted tomorrow. (dreadedcandiru2, I know you read the guy in that strip as Dr. Ted, but I decided he looked different enough to be a whole other jerkish colleague of John's.)

Shania-Ann is there because Lynn decided to update her original reference to a hygienist who resembles Cheryl Ladd to one who looks like Shania Twain. Then we had some strips where we see a hygienist who resembles April Patterson, which of course led to my Foobars in which April was able to travel to Elly's warp-time for a little while--here I have John explaining that she's a hygienist filling in for Shania-Ann Achronism.

I actually looked at a bunch of Shania Twain pictures and tried to draw Shania-Ann to look as Twain might if she were a foob character. I'm not sure how succesful I was, but I had fun drawing her hair. At first, I was looking for reference pics that weren't overly posey, but for the final frame, I decided to go for a shot that was as posey as it gets... :)


DreadedCandiru2 said...

Unfortunately, it would seem that Lynn has different plans; spotts1701 has learned that Tuesday's strip is a new-ruin that has Elly complain that John must expect her to have six arms in order to do all the jobs he asks of her.

April Patterson said...

Argh. Hm, I wonder if that means she's replacing the three strips she already repeated last year.

April Patterson said...

Thanks, Cedar. :)

Now I'm wondering if she'll even get to the reprints. She seems to have realized that receptionist =/= dental assistant. OTOH, she's done reprints that clearly show Jean assisting John, so who knows?

btobey said...

Hi April,

I saw that you like the blog This Commercial Sucks; I think you would also like Pointless Planet, which is similar but which offers more satirical, parody breakdowns of bad commercials. Check it out:

April Patterson said...

Thanks for the link, btobey--that looks like a hilarious site. :)

howard said...

Judging from the new-runs, Lynn has explained the difference between this fellow and Ted McCaulay. This is another obnoxious doctor named Ted McCauley.

Speaking of misspellings, my only quibble with your FOOBAR strip is that Helène's name is misspelled. I think it needs that messed up accent to look just right.

April Patterson said...

It's so hard to keep up with two Deanna Sobinskis and with two Dr. Teds, one a McCauley and the other a McCaulay.

I tried to do the accent on the second "E," but the fbofw font does not have diacritics. When I did alt + 138 to make the "è," I got a blank space instead! :(