Friday, April 17, 2009

By some wild coincidence, both of Lawrence's fathers work at the same Brazilian hospital!

Since Pete Landry has never been shown in the strip, I got to decide what he looks like. He's supposed to be handsome, so that's what I was going for. As for the Pablo/Paolo thing, many snarkers have noticed that Lynn didn't seem to notice that Portuguese, not Spanish, is the language of Brazil. Pablo is a Spanish name, while Paolo is Portuguese.

Edit: ...And yes, I am aware that there exist in Brazil people named "Pablo." That name combined with the fact that Lynn had him give Connie a Spanish nickname (let alone its pejorative connotation) led many readers to the impression that Lynn mistakenly thought that Spanish was the language of Brazil. And it amused me to imagine that Connie had somehow managed to be oblivious of this AND get Paolo's name wrong. (Hi, Josephus Rex!)


DreadedCandiru2 said...

Yep; she is an annoying human being. I'd lay odds that the story she told Elly is distorted in her favor. It reminds me of something I read once: "How come Lucy Ricardo never learned Spanish?" If Connie had made a serious effort to understand whatever Brazilian happens to be Lawrence's dad, she might still be married to him.

April Patterson said...

As if the in-strip treatment weren't bad enough, Pete Landry had to be pilloried via a Beth C. liography. He should be in a group therapy session that includes Thérèse and Paul.

DreadedCandiru2 said...

You should also add in Warren, Deanna's first fiancé Perry, Martha and Rhetta; all of them are guilty of standing in the way of Pattersons spreading misery and blandness over the face of the earth.

April Patterson said...

Ooh, and Eric, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Good work!

Conejo, -a has several definitions, some rather rude:

Googling will take you to the all-too-short series Coffee Talk With Warren & Paul.

April Patterson said...

::has moment of silence in memory of the awesome "Coffee Talk With Warren & Paul::

Conejo, -a has several definitions, some rather rude: This was also in the back of my mind when I wrote this up. It especially fits in with the unexpected pregnancy. Good job, medical-professional Connie.

Destroyer of Worlds said...

Heh, nice coincidence! Also, so true on Connie not learning Portuguese. Hmm, it's very much like Liz not learning Objiway when she was up north too.

On your imagery of Pete, I think he looks a lot like Lex Luthor actually. A black Lex Luthor? Hmmm... According to the lieography, my thought on how Pete would appear would be more like a very conservative man who would never have have set foot in Brazil, not unless it was as a business man, and he wouldn't have a shaven head, not even if he was a black man!

But then again, Pete was never shown, and never given a say in-strip, so he could really look anyway you want him to look like. I think he looks more interesting than a lot of the characters Lynn has.

I'm curious though, is this exchange between Paolo and Pete taking place in 1980, or in the current day? I'm guessing it's 1980, since you have every adult be yanked back to 1980, leaving behind all the non-adults in 2009.

You know what? I think April should be tempted to just leave Elly and the others back in 1980, and she and all the other abandoned younger ones could just take over the world! Bawahahaha!!!

Yes. Seriously. ;)

April Patterson said...

LOL on the black Lex Luthor, Destroyer of Worlds. I was using Taye Diggs from Private Practice as my reference because he's cute and plays a doctor (the liography didn't specify Pete as a doctor but as "coworker" at the hospital, I think I have some leeway, and in my imagination, he's a radiologist). :)

Pete and Paolo are in whatever timewarp year Elly is in--whether it's 1980 or a "timelessness" parallel plane--it's so hard to know for sure!

Your idea to have April tempted to leave Elly et. al. where they are definitely has its appeal. :)