Wednesday, January 21, 2009



DreadedCandiru2 said...

So I take it that Mira does remember things and wants to put the kibosh on Deanna's servitude to an immature dipshit with entitlement issues as quickly as possible then. It's a good thing she did; getting Mike to remember would cause him to explode with rage.

April Patterson said...

Heh, at first glance, I read "explode with age." I think both apply. ;)

I have some other plans for how Mike will begin to piece things together.

DreadedCandiru2 said...

I'm trying to figure out what will happen when he does; whatever the result is, it doesn't look as if it will be pretty. The person I feel sorriest for in today's strip is Mira; she might know that she's preventing the birth of Merrie and Robin but seems to have made her terrible choice in the belief that their replacements will have better lives.