Friday, February 19, 2010

The Gander Can Cartoon, Too

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DreadedCandiru2 said...

I noticed two things about this. First, John has a firmer grasp on reality than Elly. Second, he's a better artist.

April Patterson said...

I imagined him ganking some clip art (or the 1981 equivalent), but definitely the reality bit. :)

howard said...

The Josephstons?

April Patterson said...

The Josephstons?

A bit of name-replacement algebra with a touch of "meta."

I like to imagine that John's middle name is Pat. Rod's middle name is John, so he has a somewhat redundant-sounding full name: Roderick John Johnston. So I imagine John is John Pat (or Patrick) Patterson. Just as Lynn chose the characters' first names based on their real-life counterparts' middle names, John named his avatar after his middle name. In Elly's Yammersons, she renamed John "Joe" (or "Joseph"), so "Josephston" is a nod to "Johnston." :)

Destroyer of Worlds said...

*snerk* CA prelude to the comic strip wars! I love it!

April Patterson said...

CA prelude to the comic strip wars!

You have a camera in my brain!

I love it!

Thanks. :)