Monday, November 2, 2009

Post-Halloween Yammersons

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DreadedCandiru2 said...

The really cool thing about this is that Joe's comment about postal codes extends to the people who are going to defend Elly this week.

April Patterson said...

I'm dreading those defenders--defending the indefensible. We know there are some die-hards who will support anything Elly does in the strip and anything Lynn does with it.

howard said...

The thing which gave pleasure to me was to imagine the scenes which happened after the post-Hallowe'en strip. Lizzie discovers her candy is missing and complains loudly about it. Elly will either come to the conclusion that Mike has scammed her, or she may draw the conclusion that Mike handed her both their candies so all things will be equal. Mike, if he is even remotely intelligent, will have to have hidden his remaining candy, or his whole scam will not work. Elly doesn't catch him, but Lizzie does. Lizzie either turns him in to Elly, or Mike makes a deal with Lizzie where they share the remainder of his candy loot. Mike is able to hide his candy-eating from Elly, but Lizzie (being only one) is not. Elly presumes that Lizzie has found her missing candy and all is right with the world.